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Eating in Melbourne : Fandango


so anyway if you're new to me, you'd probably have never come across my blog at all! Truth is, it has been 2 years since I last updated it! That is, the moment i stepped into Australia! 

I've always loved to jot down my life, share with people the things I see. I've always loved food and I love bringing people around trying new food!

There, the reason for a re-birth of my blog. LOL but this time, focusing on FOOD.

Anyway 3 weeks ago I went to this cafe called Fandango. Yea, that's pretty long ago. Like i mentioned, this post is COMPLETELY not planned. I just happened to film that day thinking I would have an impromptu day like today.... well does that mean it's planned then? urgh idk. 

Cafe : Fandango
Location : 97 Errol Street, North Melbourne, VIC.
Price : $15 - $20 (approx.)
Portion : Generous
Cuisine : Modern Australian

The ambience in this place is pretty chill. We went on a weekday, lunch hour and there weren't any queues which was surprising having known how high the ratings were for Fandango.
Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable time spent. Us by the corner.


Regular Latte.

As for the latte, I don't quite remember the taste. But I remember it being pretty good! That probably means it's not leaning too much on the acidic side. 

Rating : 4.5/5

Chai Latte.

Personally, I hate chai latte. I just CANNOT stand the taste of it! Don't get me wrong, I am pretty adventurous and I can cultivate different tastes pretty quickly. But chai..... has always stopped my palette party. Until this one came along. 

1. Presentation is SUPER CUTE!

The latte was kept warm all the way. And the taste of chai wasn't overwhelming at all! It was the perfect ratio to chai, milk and honey! Or it could just be that my friend was super good at mixing it. LOL

I for once, enjoyed Chai Latte!

Rating : 4/5

Mains : 

Beetroot Eggs ( $19.80 )

Basically a beetroot + feta relish, button mushrooms, poached eggs, watercress on sourdough toast!
The beetroot was AMAZING. Rich and fattening, sinful but beautiful. It goes on so well with the sourdough toast! Eggs were NOT poached to perfection as seen in the video. Utter disappointment.
Generally, this is a nice dish. The portion is hugeeee! But you can tend to get a little bit sick cuz of the richness. And for 16 dollars, I don't think it's a decent price. After all, everything on this plate can be DIYed easily!

Rating : 8/10

Pesto Scrambled ( $19.80 )

I've never tried eggs and pesto before so this was pretty interesting! I thought. lol 
The dish came out looking really good as seen in the photo!
Bacon was cooked to perfection. I prefer bacon to not be on the crispy side cuz then it tends to be dry and crunchy. However, the bacon from Fandango was crispy on the edges but still had a meaty texture to it.

Eggs were fluffy and nice but i didn't taste a lot of pesto. Considerably oily though.

Grilled tomatoes weren't amazing but when everything was put together, it tasted really good!
All the flavours complimented each other which made the dining experience better!

Rating : 8.5/10

All in all, I'd say this place is really good if you stay close by and want a decent brunch.

However, the menu is very limited. I'm okay if you're fancy limited. But Fandango seems to lack specialty. Sure, pesto and scrambled eggs, I've never heard before. But it's so doable for people. We don't even need to think of how the recipe goes. It's pretty obvious.

I guess this is because of the price. Paying more than $15 for an eggy breakfast that i can whip up myself, I'd rather not. 

Final Verdict :
Food : Yummy but ordinary
Ambience : Cozy
Value for Money : Not exactly
Possibilities of Coming Back : Perhaps No

till then,

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