Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eating in Melbourne : Chuckle Park


so it's been awhile since I've discovered this place and I couldn't help but think of it every time someone mentions to have dinner in the CBD!

The interior is obviously THA attraction! I've passed by this place in the day and night and can't help but feel captivated by the beauty of the lights/plants thingy hanging from above!

During the night, you'd see a queue which I suppose people are lining to get in the bar.

SO YEAH! One day I decided to FINALLY meet up with little Joey and baby Niao. Here, was where my Chuckle Park journey started. 

If you've watched the video you can see how much the emphasis is on decor rather than the food. LOL which is true! So here's my review on it

Cafe : Chuckle Park
Location : 322 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne
Price : $10 (approx.)
Portion : Tapas / Just enough
Cuisine : Spanish / Tapas



Greeted by amazing interior. It was enough to leave me interested. LOL

but just to give you a heads up, there's no such "Please wait to be seated" business there. Which my friends and I thought it was a little unusual to just rock up in a restaurant and score yourself a seat. 

for 3 minutes upon arriving, we were figuring out how the system worked. But yeah, basically go in, go up the van/counter to order, and then wait! They'll hand you a pebble which states your order number!

Oh and btw, i DID not take a lot of photos this time round cuz they look incredibly gross. (lighting prob) I feel bad even for the video, but heck, suan le ba yea? :B

Pulled Pork Roll ( $ 9.50 )

I was never into the pulled pork kinda thing before because 1. it's messy and 2. the meat is usually the chewy kind. I dont like. LOL

To describe the taste of this, I'd say it taste like a cab ride in Manipal.

not like I've been to Manipal but I think the pulled pork burger is loaded with spices! Which reminds me a lot of like India. Not to the point where you'd go ew, but more like a WOW kind of burst of flavour. From it's humbling appearance, it definitely wasn't how i expected it to be.

Not messy is one thing, but the cumin really left an impression. It's not a taste that people would like having everyday, but definitely an acquired taste that would make people occasionally crave for!

Rating : 6/10


Next would be the Frittatta Roll as seen in the video.

truth is, i just realised it's not the Frittata roll! LOLLLL

It's some meatball thingy. GAH i don't remember at all.

But anyway, I find that the meatball wrap is the nicest tasting out of everything I tried that day. It has just the right amount of spice to meat and veges, complimenting the dish really well. The only problem I had was when we were getting to the end of the wrap, the wrap gets SUPER hard. I felt like I was eating shaved tree barks.

To describe the taste, I'd say it tastes like Nonna's on a lazy day. 

You know, granny on a good mood = heavenly food. So to describe Nonna on a lazy day, it's basically when granny doesn't wanna give 2 shits to making it heaven. Obviously still yummers, but lacking that flight of stairs to heaven LOL

Rating : 7.5/10


Lastly, ELOTE!

Elote is basically grilled corn smeared with lime spiked mayo and then topped with parmesan or any sharp cheeses. I made this in my kitchen before and it is SO easy to put together. With that, my expectations on their elote was pretty high.

What a disappointment tho! Yes, the corn is sweet and juicy. But for a place that sells this simple thing, I expected a wild Mexican party in my mouth. Sadly what I experienced was only a Mexican bingo night. Yes, still fun and tolerable, but nothing exciting. 

The parmesan was at the least, corn i felt wasn't grilled well and defo no lime spiked mayo in there. 

Rating : 5/10


now you're wondering, Hey Dilys, so what is EXACTLY edible and enjoyable there? Truth is, i have NO idea. They don't exactly have a kitchen so i wouldn't blame them on their bad food. I'd prolly go back there for drinks one day cuz to me it seems like that's their forte. 

and ambience is one thing, don't expect romantic jazzy music either. IT'S A BAR. The video lied. LOL but it was an enjoyable ambience as compared to the food

anyway overall 
Final Verdict :
Food : not worth the calories
Ambience : wanna feel hippy?
Value for Money : not on food defo
Possibilities of Return : YEP! for drinks one day!

till then,
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